Technologies and innovations

Chroma Key System:

Green Background Technology (Chroma Key): We use green or blue backgrounds to create a solid background that can be digitally replaced with any desired scenery during post-production.

-Advanced Post-Production Software: We apply advanced editing software that allows for precise and detailed background replacement, resulting in realistic images.

Customisation of Virtual Backdrops: We customise virtual backdrops according to the specific themes of venues or events, providing a unique experience for visitors.

Photographic Automation:

Smart Sensors:We deploy smart sensors in strategic locations, such as roller coasters and water park slides, to automatically trigger cameras at the right moment.

High-Speed Capture: We use high-speed cameras to capture clear images even when moving quickly, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Integration with Ticketing Systems We integrate our automatic photography systems with the venues' ticketing systems, allowing visitors to easily access and purchase their photos.

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

Augmented Reality in Photos We offer the option of incorporating augmented reality elements into photos, providing an interactive experience for visitors.

Personalised Mobile Applications. We develop customised mobile applications that allow visitors to view and share their photos with AR elements directly on their devices.

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